Icebank Carbonator TEMIX25 /Still+Soda/1/4h 10kg

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Ice bank size: 7kgs
Water tank capacity: 14L
Compressor size: 1/5HP
No. of chilling coils: 2 (Still + Sparkling)
Cooling capacity: 232W / 600 kcal/h
Volt – Hertz: 230V – 50 Hz

Output peformance*: 70L
Beverage outlet temperature: 3/5°C
Carbonator size: 960cc
Carbonation pump: 200 l/h
Recirculation pump: 3.6m
Sodawater output: 2.5 l/m

Chiller dimensions: L335 x W335 x H595
Shipping weight: 27kg

*Litres that can be chilled till complete depletion of ice bank with water input temperature 18°C and max output temperature 8°C.

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