Foam On Beer Detectors (Fobs)

A Foam on Beer Detectors (FOBs) is used on long draught beer lines to minimise beer wastage. Beer FOBs are installed in the cool room on the tapping board and contain a float which drops when the keg is empty, keeping the beer line charged with beer rather than foam.

We stock both Bracton and Core Foam on Beer Detectors (FOBs). Our Core FOBs are suitible for use on small applications supplying 1-2 taps. For other application we recommend Bracton Beer FOB detectors.

Precision manufactured Bracton Beer FOB detectors have a flow rate in Australia at over 24 litres per minute making them ideal for medium to high volume applications i.e. Hotels, clubs and stadiums. Increased flow rate is essential to avoid float release in periods of high demand. With over 15,000 Bracton FOB detectors in the market, you cannot go wrong.

Bracton Foam on Beer Detectors (FOBs) are available with the widest range of inlets and outlets to suit all cellar board installation templates.


  • FDBARB6/I   FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 6mm
  • FDBARB8/I   FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 8mm
  • FDBARB10/I   FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 10mm
  • FDBARB12/I   FOB Inlet Barb / S/S 12mm
  • FDMBL/I   FOB B-Lock Inlet // Connects to 3/4" B-Lock adaptor
  • FDBARBG56   FOB Inlet Barb /G56 Beer pump //  Connects a beer pump direct to FOB inlet, tool-less install hygienic design
  • FDBARBG56DUAL  FOB Dual G56 Pump Manifold w/JG FOB Adaptor //  Connects 2 x beer pumps direct to FOB inlet, for high volume applications  tool-less install hygienic design


  • FDBARB6/O   FOB Outlet Barb S/S 6mm
  • FDBARB8/O   FOB Outlet Barb S/S 8mm
  • FDBARB10/O   FOB Outlet Barb S/S 10mm
  • FDBARB12/O   FOB Outlet Barb S/S 12mm
  • FDMBL/O   FOB B-Lock Straight Outlet // Connects to 3/4" B-Lock adaptor
  • FDELBL  FOB B-Lock Elbow Outlet 5/8bsp swivel nut // Connects to 3/4" B-Lock adaptor *Requires FDMO5/8.
  • FDMO5/8   FOB Outlet 5/8BSPM // Connects direct to 5/8" B-lock or Pin valve
  • FDMMA   Manifold Adaptor/1/2″ Inline + nut & olive //  For connection to beer manifolds to supply multiple points with the same beer.
  • FDM1/2MM   Nipple 1/2″/Suit micromatic ball valves.

Technical Bulletin- FOB Installation and operations