Brewery Reg's & Heaters

Brewery Reg's & Heaters


Bracton in partnership with Tesuco®, has designed a large range of beverage solutions to suit all beer, soft drink, carbonated water and wine dispense applications. We also have developed a range of CO2 gas equipment for brewing with gas supply systems to suit bright tanks, fermentation tanks, brewing, canning/bottling and dispense for craft and mini brewing.

Refillable cylinder regulators used in our beverage systems meet the requirements of AS 4267 if a high inlet pressure regulator or AS 4840 if a low inlet pressure regulator as in the case of the secondary regulators on the beer board systems, or pipeline "Point of Use". Where needed they have non-return valves fitted to the outlets and come with 6mm or 10mm hose barbs (both sizes in some cases) or 6 –12mm barbs to suit various hose diameters.

Regulator systems for refillable cylinders or bulk supply also meet the exacting requirements of AS 5034 "Installation and use of Inert Gases for beverage dispensing".

Refillable cylinder regulator systems are fitted with high volume relief valves as required by AS 5034. These are capable of venting high pressure in the event of a regulator failure, so that low pressure equipment fitted downstream cannot be subjected to more than 1.25 times the maximum working pressure. All relief valves are fitted with John Guest outlets so that they can be vented to safe areas if installed in non-naturally ventilated areas.