Postmix Cooler / Brave 120 - 1HP + 1HP 50kg

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The BRAVE 120 pre-mix system features stainless steel housing, mechanical thermostat, 40 mm polyurethane tank insulation and energy-efficient electrical components. It is equipped with 10 beer coils and a 50 kg ice bank; available also in the Energy Saving version.

Brave 120 undercounter cooler is available, upon request, with:
  • Up to 10 stainless steel coils (single plant)
  • 7m, 12m,18m pump
  • Compact pump 6.5 m with EBM agitator
  • Summer/winter thermostat
Technical features:
  • Increased tank insulation to reduce heat dispersion (40 mm)
  • Tank insulation made of HFC-free CO2 polyurethane foam
  • Energy-Saving electrical components
  • 430 stainless steel casing
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Coils for beer and soft drinks made of stainless steel. Length and diameter optimized on the basis of the beverage to be dispensed

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